Follow up, follow up, follow up

A thank-you note is a must when you go through job interviews to express your appreciation for a company’s time. It’s considered as good manners and an opportunity to remind an interviewer about yourself and the conversation she or he had with you a few days ago. However, it won’t get you a job.  No thank-you note has ever gotten anyone a job, and you’re no exception. But I still encourage you to send your thank-you notes the same day you interviewed for a position. Thank-you note is just that - a thank you note. 


What you need to focus on instead.

1.  Interviewers know 20 mins in, if not sooner, if you’re a possibility for a position. They have made up their mind before you have a chance to finish your last sentence, they know whether they want you to come in for a second interview before the end of the first round. If they decided against your candidacy, not a chance a thank-you note will do it for you (still send one).

2. You have 20 minutes to impress, the rest is just a conversation an interviewer gets paid to have with candidates. Subconsciously, interviewers scan for adequate knowledge, skills and personality combination, because they know a company’s culture and what the position entails. So, if you decide to demonstrate all the above the last few minutes of your interview or, even worse, think a thank-you note will do that, you are too late.

3.  To make an impression, so you don’t have to rely on thank-you notes or anything else, is to entice your interviewer with a story about you that makes you unique. All those bullet points, dates, qualifications and education on your resume is a collection of interesting, fascinating stories about you. Weave that into your dialogue, show your human, true side emphasizing achievements, not responsibilities and the position will be yours.

4. To thank an interviewer is important to show you mean business; however, it’s just a supplement to what you can demonstrate during an interview. Investing in a high-quality monogram thank-you notes is a must to show you appreciate a personal touch and value details, but don’t count it will do more than that.

5.  And don’t make a mistake calling every day to “follow up” and find out if a company has made a decision. Yes, it has. This will only annoy people, and even if they were considering to speak with you again, such imposition might turn them the other way. If they liked your candidacy, you’ll be the first to know.

Here is what I suggest how to follow up in a manner that will not annoy people: send a tank-you email to an interviewer (yes, you should have asked for his or her business card when you were leaving the interview) and briefly thank them for taking the time to speak with you. That same day put a thank-you note in the mail (again, be brief) to show  you value details. You did your job the best you could. Now let the details work it out on their own. If they decided you’re the candidate, you’ll know. If they decided otherwise, you’ll know.


We hope these tips help. Good luck!

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