How to make a right decision when you receive two job offers

If you received two job offers, congratulations! Now you have some work to do to decide which one is the right for you.


-  It’s natural for us to lean toward the one with a highest pay; however, it might end up being not the most important factor. You need to look at other aspects first.

-  Company culture is one of the most important factors to consider. You want to work in a dynamic, energized and productive atmosphere where people are friendly yet challenge you to be your best professional self. Did you like your potential boss during an interview? Is he or she willing to answer as many questions as you have about the specifics of the position and the organization? Are they willing to provide additional information about the organization?

-  Benefits. You know your situation and you know what you need. What do benefits packages look like if you compare them side by side? We understand, while it’s impossible to solely make a decision based on a benefits package; however, it might help in your pros and cons process.

-  Don’t play organizations against each other. If you need more time, let them know.

-  Make a list of pros and cons. Here is the most important aspect to look at: What are the difference in responsibilities, is training and promotion within an organization possible, where are the skills I learn will take me in the future, do I see myself doing this job for the next three to five years? You have to know your professional goals and what you’re moving toward.

-  Consider if a job will require overtime, if there’s a possibility you might have to work on the weekends. How does it play into your family life?


There are many more aspects you might find to consider based on your life and needs. Understand the time constraints, if a company gives you 24 hours or a weekend to make a decision. Discuss it with your family or consider where you want to be in five years and which job will help you get there.



We hope these tips help. Good luck!

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