How to research a salary and more

If you are wondering what similar jobs pay in your geographical area or what your salary would equate to in another location, there are numerous websites you can research for salary information.  We have some of the best tools right here at  If you are asked what your salary requirements are, it is preferable to ask the employer what their range is before you state a figure. If you don’t know how to handle this questions, read How to negotiate a salary first.


When to ask for a raise


You have to do a lot of prep work before you march into your boss’s office and demand more pay.


1.  Have you expanded your duties? You need to get good at your job immediately so you have room to expand your duties and showcase your performance. Yes, showcase. No one will notice unless you tell them about it. To expand your duties you must have your current responsibilities under control.

2. Under promise, over deliver. If you’re a “superstar”, you’re a “superstar,” and there is always money in the budget for a “superstar.” Become a “superstar” (aka, an expert) at what you do and find the most efficient way to do it.

3. Get a mentor. I cannot emphasize this enough.  I mention a mentor in many of my articles because it’s a very important aspect of your professional future.  Mentors help you navigate through the waters of your industry and give you good advice about how to excel at what you do.

4. Don’t focus on money. This is a contradiction, you might think. If all you do is focus on money, you won’t get it. Focus on being excellent at what you do, then your argument for a raise will be much stronger. Show results.  Talk about results.  Deliver results.


Let’s say a raise isn’t going to happen for you, here is another approach. Ask for training, more vacation days to spend with your family, or maybe relocation to a branch in a big city you’ve always dreamed. Why?  Because you can turn these into cash the next time you get a job offer.  Learn to see the big picture instead of focusing on a number.  In fact, most raises are a mere single-digit percent (like 6%), which isn’t much and will not make your bank account swell, even if you’re already making a six-figure salary. So, focus on the important things like improving your skills, which will increase your chances for a much higher salary increase when the next employer makes you an offer..


We hope this tips help. Good luck!

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