Increasing your earning potential

If you asked me five years ago how to increase your earning potential, I would suggest go to grad school. Today, grad school might not be as relevant as it was five years ago. Why? The work place dynamics is shifting so rapidly; what you learn in school becomes outdated by the time you graduate. My question, why spend thousands of dollars learning strategies you might not even apply. Law and business school still have a sound of prestige attached to it; however, if you look at what is happening in a current job market, having a law or business degree just by itself isn’t going to cut it. 


1.  Your earning potential is within, not out there somewhere. Deep inside you know what you really want, you know what direction you want to take. However, you’re also convinced if you try to do it you end up broke. You don’t have to quit your job to begin getting involved in something that makes our heart sing. Find a community, new connections, just do it by yourself the first few months if it makes you more comfortable that way, just do it.

2. Yes, JUST DO IT! You know, Nike is a true visionary. The company’s slogan doesn’t say, “Try it and see what happens,” or “Sit there and think about it.” It says - Just Do It. Why? Because only by doing, you will arrive at results. Yes, you’ll make mistakes, you will learn from your mistakes, you will acquire experience and will become more qualified in a chosen area. And because skills are transferable, you’ll be able to use what you learned in multiple settings, including your job.

3.  Remove your focus from money onto being excellent at what you do. The setting doesn’t matter, it might be your job, you helping a friend to train for a marathon, or someone just handed you a project that requires extensive hours of your time and offers a small compensation. Take it; if it’s something you’re interested in or excited about, take it. Use it to learn new aspects of whatever it is you’re doing and focus to deliver the most attractive result.

4. Become an expert at something. Pick a niche and become a go-to person in the realm of, let’s say, resolving a CMS issues or being the best at using Dreamweaver, really anything. It doesn’t have to be technical, it can be anything. This will set you apart from many people who just follow their job description.

5.  Never stop learning. I hear many people (the biggest surprise for me, even the ones who graduate from Ivy League schools) stop reading after they receive a diploma. Big mistake! Will Smith once said, if you have a problem or trying to figure out how something works, chances are someone already wrote a book addressing that problem giving multiple solutions. He gave this advice to his son Jaden. Powerful. Never stop learning! You do not need another diploma saying you know how to distinguish red wine from white. You learn so by doing and interacting with other people who love doing the same.


How do all these aspects increase your earning potential? When you increase your interactions with people, find ways to help and become an expert at something you love doing with people who share similar interests, you open new avenues for yourself in the work you do and outside. The ability to earn money comes from your ability to deliver value to as many people as you can. Find ways to create value and share it with as many people as possible.



We hope these tips help. Good luck!

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