Asking for a raise

I took my friend out to lunch, and of course, we talked about work - current work, dream work, future work, you name it. My friend doesn’t love her job. If fact, she dislikes a lot. I asked why. She replied, “I’ve been there for almost six years and have gotten more responsibilities but never a raise.”

“Did you ever ask for one,” I asked.

“No,” - she said, “What if they’d said ‘No’? Would I just quit on the spot? I cannot afford to quit.”

Now, pause. I dearly love my friend, but I must say, you can never think like that. You have to learn how to ask for a raise, and also learn to build your argument in a way that would inspire your boss to negotiate your salary. It is that simple - you want a raise, learn how to ask for one! Period!


It might not be as simple as it sounds. If you’ve been on your job longer than two years and have never mentioned or spoken to your boss about a raise, don’t be surprised you haven’t gotten one.


Quick tip: don’t hope your boss will spontaneously reward your work. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen as often as it should. It’s business, it’s nothing personal. Learn how to ask for what you need.


Asking for a raise 101


1.  Approaching your boss can be intimidating. Just the buildup to asking is likely to do damage to one’s psyche. Most people have to take several days or weeks to work up the courage to approach their boss about a raise, and most require endless self-affirmations and numerous pep talk from friends and family before they are able march into the boss’s office and lobby for what is often a well-deserved pay hike. You have to be feel unstoppable.

2. Do your homework. You have to prepare your argument in a way that will resonate with your boss. What does it mean? Zoom in onto your results and talk about it in a numerical way.

3. You cannot just pull a number out of nowhere and demand it from your boss. Do research, find out how much professionals with similar responsibilities make. Look at your job description and initial salary. If in the past two years your boss have been adding responsibilities to your plate - this is your golden ticket and a well-deserved permission to ask for a raise.

4. Everything has a number. I once heard, our entire life is a sequence of numbers and they should never be underestimated. Asking for a well-deserved raise will only up the ante of your professional determination and integrity. You’re serious about the work you do, so let your boss know you are.

5.  Think about what you’ll wear. Again, you have to look the part. Edith Head once said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” Always keep that in mind, especially on an important day when you’ll ask your boss for a raise.

A word of encouragement-


You know you’re hardworking, you have a professional attitude, know how to get along with colleagues and your boss, you get things done on time and think one step ahead. Cast doubts away, walk into your boss’s office knowing you’re a valuable member of the company and without you, he or she would have a very difficult time doing their job. Build your argument from your strengths and be confident. Explain your boss you’re interested growing with the company and let the results of your work be the proof of that. This way it will get you an opportunity to enter into a raise negotiations with your boos.


We hope these tips help. Good luck! 

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Rehamnia Salah Eddine
Hello,I'm interasted to work I need more info Regards.
351 Days Ago
Rehamnia Salah Eddine
Hello,I'm interasted to work I need more info Regards.
351 Days Ago