Being Organized

Many of us find it challenging to stay organized. If you’re like most of us, from time to time you witness paper, envelops, books, magazines and just stuff find their way onto your desk and your house, and it’s time to clean again.

Being organized takes practice. Where to begin?


My grandmother always taught me to keep my desk and living space organized. She believed you cannot possibly come up with creative ideas when surrounded by clutter and stacks of paper. She also believed keeping your space clean and organized promotes organization of thought. And that’s the most important aspect to focus on. Organization of thought leads to results and progress. So, if you want to create a space where brand new ideas will be born and inspire your actions, it’s time to take on a challenge to get and stay organized.


Let’s crack on, shall we?


1.  It might sound strange, but I want you to look at how you begin your day and what you do first thing in the morning.

I remember, I used to go to sleep with my laptop under my bed. As soon as I’d open my eyes in the morning, I would be checking my email, reading the news and updating my status on Facebook all at the same time. What a waist of my morning time it was. The good news is I changed that habit.

Instead, start your day with exercise. If you need to get up 30 mins earlier to do that early morning run you’ve been meaning to do for the past few months but never got to it, just do it. Stop finding excuses like I am tired and so on, and get in bed early.

An early morning run or whatever form of exercise you choose to do will prep you for the day, and you’ll get more accomplished because you’ll feel better about yourself. Promise!


2.  Stop watching TV. Some people cannot imagine their lives without their favorite show. Do you know what that means? They don’t have a life of their own to enjoy. I got rid of my TV about four years ago, and I must say, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. You literally discover more time in a day. It’s worth considering!

3.  Do not check your email first thing in the morning. Allow that short phase of the day for your own thoughts instead of taking on other people’s thinking and work problems. Clarity of one’s mind is a practice. Allow your mornings to be the time for such practice.

4.   Plan your week ahead. Spend 10-15 mins every Sunday plotting things on your calendar for the week ahead. If keeping a calendar is a completely new idea to you, I highly recommend you start doing it. It helps you stay focused, you know what’s coming next and have the ability to manage everything more efficiently. Use Evernote and any form of a calendar like iCal or Google Calendar. It’s been life changing for me. And don’t forget to put your morning runs on your calendar. My experience, if it’s on my calendar, I’ll get it done - as simple as that!

5.   Clean out your closet. Go through your clothes and give away what you don’t wear anymore. If you haven’t worn something in the past six months, you don’t need it and, therefore, won’t wear it in the next six months coming. Trust me, I know! It’s good practice to keep your closet lean and your mind in the state of giving.

6.  Learn to protect your time by saying ‘No.’ I learned when you say ‘No’ to other people, you say ‘Yes’ to yourself. You can refer to your calendar and if something isn’t planned ahead, decide accordingly. Your time is valuable, so spend it wisely for your benefit.

7.   Eat a hearty breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day. Learn how to make healthy food choices for yourself. Your body will thank you.

8.  Turn off technology for 60 minutes each day and focus on the most important work.


Other great advice I was given by a friend, focus on what’s in front of you. Train your mind to give its full attention to that which you’re working on right this very moment. Once accomplished, check if off of you calendar and move on to the next task. That way, you are not overwhelming yourself with how much you need to do and not creating additional stress to an already quite stressful life with its dramatic distractions.



We hope these tips help. Good luck!


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